The best slot machines

The best slot machines

Choosing online slot machines, the user seeks to find the golden mean between design, interesting gameplay and a high chance of winning. Modern slots often offer a complex system of accumulating bonuses, catching which can significantly increase the total amount of the prize.

Some slot machines allow you to win often, but by a few credits. That is, from 5 to 20 bets. If you put some money, you spend a little and win a little too. The principle of “change, but nice” is attractive to those fans of gambling, who like the process.

Also frequently encountered is the case when small and large payments alternate with a certain frequency. And the algorithm of a particular combination of symbols regularly change the user does not cheat.

Finally, the best slot machines can give a rare, but objectively large payments, reaching 1,000 bets. To demonstrate their honesty, online casinos are forced to regularly pay out even the largest winnings to users. Otherwise, their reputation will suffer and their rating will drop significantly.

Evaluation criteria

There are a lot of evaluation parameters. Our rating of slot machines is based on several key principles:

  • RTP – wagering percentage. The slot always gives some specific percentage of your bets. That is, the casino does not set itself the task of depriving you of money. Player returns 95 – 97% of the set credits. The rest is the profit of the establishment. After all, it should not work at zero or minus. Wagering manifests itself on long game ranges. That is, sometimes you have to spin the slot long enough to return the money invested in the game.
  • The presence of additional options. The best slots can offer a risk game that allows you to get more money if you guess the symbol. Also, the user can win a freespin – a free spin of the reels.
  • Jackpots. These are large winnings, which are collected from the bets of users. If no one receives them for a long time, the amount can become six figures. After someone wins, the accumulation starts from zero.
  • Originality of design. There are popular slot machines made in the form of old emulators. This is a classic one-armed bandit in different variations. Also produce thematic software (Aztecs, Egypt, space). And everyone can easily find the best online slot machines on our site for your taste.

Of course, this is not all the criteria that we consider for evaluation and compiling top-lists. However, we strive to create an objective and professional top based on our own observations and feedback from other users on the network. Only licensed simulators from reliable developers are taken into account.

Leaders of rating of slot machines

Gather objective and honest top slot machines is difficult. Not because there is little good software, but for the simple reason that the players do not always have the same views. Therefore, there are two options – to separately assess the “classics” with fruit and cowboys, and parallel to make ratings for contemporary solutions with three-dimensional graphics, more combinations, reels and lines.

Regularly in the top ranks of online slot machine developments such companies as:

  • NetEnt,
  • Microgaming,
  • Yggdrasil.

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